July 28, 2008

Hot Water from the Sun with Soenso Energy’s
OG-300 Certified System

Solar Thermal Water Heating System from Atlanta Area Installer Meets Requirements for
New Georgia Clean Energy Tax Credit (HB 670)

Solar Thermal Collectors on Roof of Marietta, Georgia, Home (Photo: Soenso Energy)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, July 24, 2008 – Renewable energy dealer/installer Soenso Energy of Marietta, Georgia, announced today that its solar thermal water heating system meets the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation’s (SRCC) requirements for Operating Guidelines-300 Certification (OG-300). The SRCC is an independent, non-profit organization whose primary purpose is the “development and implementation of certification programs and national rating standards for solar energy equipment”. OG-300 certification is based upon the determination by the SRCC that the solar thermal water heating system “successfully meets its minimum criteria for design, reliability and durability, safety, operation and servicing, installation, and operation and maintenance manuals”.

The State of Georgia recently implemented the Georgia Clean Energy Tax Credit (HB 670). It became effective on July 1, 2008, and it is the most comprehensive clean energy tax incentive in Georgia’s history. The solar thermal section of the new law provides that home owners may apply for a 35% of installed cost state income tax credit with a $2,500 per dwelling unit limit, and commercial property owners may apply for a 35% of installed cost state income tax credit with a $100,000 per installation limit. One of the provisions in HB670 is that residential solar thermal systems be OG-300 certified.

Soenso Energy’s OG-300 certified solar hot water system is the Slim Line OG-300 Package, manufactured by Schuco of Germany. Soenso Energy’s solar thermal systems can be designed and sized for various commercial and residential applications. With modern European design, German engineering and outstanding performance, Schuco’s solar thermal OG-300 packages are a perfect match for quality conscious Georgians.

About Soenso Energy: Located in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Georgia, Soenso Energy has been a provider of commercial and residential sustainable energy solutions since 2004. We are dealers and professional installers of solar photovoltaic (PV) electric, solar thermal hot water and small wind turbine electric. We work with architects, contractors, developers, engineers, LEED APs, property managers and other professionals to assist them with incorporating sustainable building practices. Soenso Energy serves Atlanta and all of Georgia. www.soenso.com, info@soenso.com.