February 23, 2009

The “Green” Gardens at Kennesaw Mountain, Marietta, Georgia

Eco-Friendly Wedding and Event Facility Installs Solar PV System
to Generate Clean Electricity

The roof mounted solar PV panels
The Gardens at Kennesaw Mountain ballroom

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, August 2, 2008 – Back in the twentieth century Billy Idol sang about a “White Wedding” in his 1982 hit. But in the twenty-first century, mother and son team Ellie and Marc Sommers are leading the charge in Atlanta for “green” weddings, as well as “green” special events and “green” corporate events. They are the owners of The Gardens at Kennesaw Mountain in Marietta, Georgia. This event facility is on four idyllic, forested acres near the entrance to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.

The Gardens at Kennesaw Mountain, formerly known as the Kennesaw Mountain Winery, was acquired by the Sommers in 2006. They began including numerous environmentally friendly initiatives. Most recently they had a 1.3kW DC solar PV electric system, manufactured by Schuco Solar of Germany, mounted onto the roof of the facility’s Grand Ballroom. The solar array was supplied and installed by Marietta-based Soenso Energy (soenso.com). The 1.3kW solar PV system will produce an average of 145kWh/month of free electricity. A system this size will generate just a portion of the total power needed for the facility. But it will shave peak-usage kWh’s and reduce each month’s electric bill.

And generating 145kWh/month of clean electricity from solar PV instead of using that same amount of electricity generated by coal-fired utility power plants will have the equivalent of these annual positive effects on the environment:

• 2,826 pounds of carbon dioxide not released into the atmosphere

• 3 barrels of foreign oil not imported

• 145 gallons of gasoline not consumed

Other sustainable initiatives underway at The Gardens at Kennesaw Mountain include locally inspired and organic food, biodegradable and compostable food containers and flatware, waste recycling by Conex Recycling of Alpharetta and dual-flush toilets from ecoTransitions of Marietta. Also planned is a solar thermal water heating system from Soenso Energy.

The Gardens at Kennesaw Mountain, 1127 White Circle NW, Marietta, Georgia 30060 – On the Web: www.gardensatkennesaw.com, www.parsleys.com   Email: catering@parsleys.com  Phone: 770-396-5361

Soenso Energy solar energy dealer/installer – On the Web: www.soenso.com Email: info@soenso.com